Adopt-a-Car at the Swigart Museum

The Adopt-A-Car Program is a sentimental program at The William E. Swigart, Jr. Museum. The Adopt-A-Car Program began during the 2013 Season.  Many of our cars have been adopted – some of them 2 or 3 times!  A complete list of the current participants can be found below this text.


Everyone can participate in the Adopt-A-Car Program. The cost is $100.00 per year per vehicle, and the benefits are many!


You can Adopt-A-Car today. The term of adoption is one year. On the anniversary of the original adoption, you will receive notification, via e-mail or standard mail, and will be given the option to adopt the same car, or if you wish, you may select another car of your choice.


This program has many benefits for both you and the museum. By adopting a car you will help us maintain the vehicle. The money will help us pay insurance, make necessary repairs, and provides preventative maintenance. You may even decide to nickname "your" car. We know many parents who have nicknamed their car(s) -- Vicky, Matilda, etc.; this will be a secret between you and your car. We hope by having a connection with a car you will feel part of the Swigart Museum family. We believe our museum is one of the best in the country; it is the oldest. By participating in the Adopt-A-Car Program you will help to make our museum even better.


    1) Free, unlimited admission to the museum for the adoptive parents during the adoption term.
    2) Your name (s) and home town will be posted on the sign in front of the car in the museum, in the storage areas, and on our website. This will give you recognition for your interest and contribution to the program.
    3) Your participation can also be "in memory of" or "in honor of" anyone you choose.
    4) You will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to care for, maintain, and support a special antique or classic car. Our visitors, both young and old, are amazed at the cars, memorabilia, bicycles, toys, and artwork that are housed in our buildings and hopefully that will make you proud to be part of our organization.

If you would like to Adopt-A-Car or have any additional questions or comments, please call the museum office at 814-643-2024.

You may for an Adopt-A-Car form.

Thank you for your support.

2014-2015 Contributors to The William E. Swigart, Jr. Antique Automobile Museum

The Museum would like to acknowledge 2014-2015 participants in our Adopt-A-Car Program

1899 WintonIn Honor of:
• Roger Allison •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1903 Oldsmobile Curved DashPatricia Swigart
1904 Franklin 4-CylinderMichael J. Barrett
1905 Rambler Surrey Type OnePhil W. Scott, Jr.
1905 Mitchell Model CM. Anthony Zimmerman
1908 International 1-EDonald Barlup
1908 Maxwell Model "AA"In Memory of:
• Charlotte Tosch •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1908 Studebaker Electric "Tommy"Dr. Peter Zubritsky
1910 Brush Model 10In Memory of:
• Charles "Chuck" R. Hoaglund •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1910 Buick Model 17In Memory of:
• Sterling Walsh •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1911 Sears RoadsterMarge and Robert Cutright
1913 Ford Model T Pick UpDavid and Jordon Gordon
1913 Ford Model T Depot HackSteve and Blanche Gordon
1913 Ford Model TMark Thomas
1913 Chevrolet Baby GrandIn Honor of:
• Chuck Steffensen •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1914 Stanley SteamerMichael and Marie Smeraldo
1915 PathfinderIn Memory of:
• Bill Balduff •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1916 Scripps-Booth Model DIn Memory of:
• Harold Coker •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1917 DodgeIn Memory of:
• Robert C. Hopkins, Sr. •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1919 Brewster Town CarJohn and Janice Nikodym
1920 Carroll Model CIn Memory of:
• Blanche Owens •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1921 Ford Model TIn Memory of:
• Jim Phillips •
by Michael Schroder
In Memory of:
• Lee Pierce •
by Steve and Blance Gordon
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1927 Marmon PhaetonIn Memory of:
• Larry Bailey •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1929 Duesenberg Victoria
"Vickie" Long Wheel Base
Sue McElwee
1930 Franklin Model 145Michael J. Barrett
1931 Ford Model AIn Memory of:
• Jim Phillips •
by Michael Schroder
1931 Ford Popcorn WagonMiall and Judy Cedilote
1933 Chevrolet Eagle CAIn Honor of:
• Lee Hill •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1936 Duesenberg Gentleman's SpeedsterLou and Kathy Spada,
Steve and Charleen Hall,
In Memory of
• Dillon Martin •
by Alan Martin
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1937 Cord PhaetonRobert and Martha Channell
1938 Bantam RoadsterMichael and Murray Shears
1939 Buick RoadmasterIn Memory of:
• Spike, Muffin, and Spookie •
by Henri and John Boggs
In Memory of:
• Ray Hardy Ponder •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
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1939 Simplex ServicycleSteve and Blanche Gordon
1940 CadillacIn Memory of:
• Alvin Hutchison •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1946 Willys Jeep ConvertibleRoy Krow
1947 Tucker "Tin Goose"Bob and Linda Auty
Frank and Jean Schneider
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1948 Tucker #1013Colin and Patricia Williamson
1950 Dodge Coronet D-34In Memory of:
• Tom Magliozzi •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1952 Nash Ambassador SedanIn Memory of:
• Joseph Wallace •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe SedanWilliam Lape
1959 Ford ThunderbirdValerie Green,
Beth Nonemaker,
• In Memory of Donnie Hartline •
by Steve and Blanche Gordon
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1960 Fiat JollyEarl and Linda Eby
Valerie Green
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1960 Volkswagon Beetle
"Herbie the Love Bug"
Patti Krow
Sarah Burn
Sarah Kate Keppen
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1963 Harley Davidson MotorcycleTim Gesford and Brenda Pera
1981 Delorean DMC-12John Grove

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