The Docents

Docent Dean Kyler
"Long before my association with The William E. Swigart Automobile Museum, my wife and I were staying at a hotel in Winchester, VA. At the hotel, an antique car convention was being held. We met a gentleman who owned a Ford Model T. He showed us how the car operated and how the transmission worked. At that moment, I was hooked and have had an interest in the automobile ever since that one chance encounter."

* Dean *

Docent Christy Billett

I have always had a love of old cars. It all started out when I was a child. My grandfather was always buying older cars. He would restore them and then resell them, for a tidy profit. I remember him restoring a 1934 Ford, a 1962 Ford Mustang, a 1973 Ford truck, and several Cadillacs. My Pap used to let me sand the putty, and help him repair the engines. I would volunteer to get to the bolts no one else could reach. I loved being the garage helper, getting dirty and greasy.

My mother owned a Plymouth Duster. On several occasions, she caught me chewing on the dash. She jokes, saying that is where I got my "taste" for cars.

One afternoon, Pap took me to The Swigart Museum. We spent several hours looking at every single item in the museum. I was fascinated with how a car was "built", two bicycles, a platform, and a motor from a piece of farm equipment. You put them together and you had a car. Some of the early 1900 era cars are things you definitely do not see every day. My Pap lived in that era and would tell me what it was like to see the first cars go through town and how you could hear a car coming for miles and people would line up to see what kind of car it was.

Pap and I visited The Swigart Museum almost every year until he died. After his death, I started visiting the museum on my own and with friends.

It is truly a dream, of mine, to be a part of The Swigart Museum family. My love of cars and my love of educating, allow me to offer unique conversations as a docent at the museum. I look forward to speaking with you on your first or next visit.

* Christy *

Docent Kim

I have a couple of people to thank for inspiring my interest in the American automobile, my father and my brother-in-law.

My father unleashed my interest in cars, when he purchased a 1936 Buick to restore. The restoration started in the backyard; unfortunately, that is where it ended. After several years, the car looked quite abandoned. There was a tree growing beside it and the grass had grown higher than the bumpers. One day, there was a knock on the door. The borough inspectors were requesting the junked car be removed from our backyard. My mother looked at them and asked, “What junk car? That’s a planter!” The borough did finally win, and the car was towed.

My other inspiration, my brother-in-law, had several cars, that he maintained. I would travel with he and my sister to car shows and swap meets. He would tell me about the cars and how the different parts of a car worked. I would listen to he and his friends tell stories about their cars.
Both my father and my brother-in-law helped to shape my love and knowledge of the cars I get to see and talk about everyday. I listen to and share stories with our guests about the cars that molded our lives.

So, please come to The Swigart Museum and share your stories with me. I am looking forward to hearing them. I hope to see you soon.

* Kim *

Docent Betty Boozel
"I had a great childhood. I was raised in a small town in central Pennsylvania. My family would ride around in our big old Ford. My mother drove and my uncle and I would ride together in the back seat. As we rode around, from stop to stop, store to store, Uncle would constantly ask me the make, model, and year of all the cars we would see. It was a game that he used to keep me entertained and quiet while mother ran her errands. That was the beginning of my love and understanding of the American car. So, when I look at the cars in our museum and speak with our customers, I reminisce about the great rides and the games I played with my uncle. I really miss those days, they are gone but not forgotten.

When I speak with our customers, I enjoy hearing how they learned to love the cars in their lives. It amazes me how many of the memories in our lives are based around our cars or our friend's cars. The things we do in cars are so varied, but yet the same from person to person. Picnics, vacations, shopping, and yes, the beginnings of a family, make the American automobile a treasure to remember."

* Betty *

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