The Docents

Docent Dean Kyler
"Long before my association with The William E. Swigart Automobile Museum, my wife and I were staying at a hotel in Winchester, VA. At the hotel, an antique car convention was being held. We met a gentleman who owned a Ford Model T. He showed us how the car operated and how the transmission worked. At that moment, I was hooked and have had an interest in the automobile ever since that one chance encounter."

* Dean *

Docent H. Duane Dubbs
"Since I was a youngster, I have had a passion and appreciation for cars. That appreciation isn't just for one model, it is for cars in general. Working at the museum, as a docent, and getting the opportunity to explain the differences between the cars of yesterday and the cars of today, is exciting. Cars have changed so much over the years, however the basics are the same on all of them, just the stories are different. I will admit Preston Tucker is my favorite manufacturer, and if I was to choose a car to drive it would have to be a Model "A". It is the only car, I am aware of, that you can get any part overnighted to wherever you are. So, a vacation in a Model "A" is possible.
I also enjoy all the unique customers touring the museum, most everyone has a story they want to share. They pass through our doors and become ageless, and if they don't know us when they come in they certainly do before they leave. People come here from all over the world, and they share the passion that I have, so language becomes universal, all over the love of cars."

* Duane *

Docent Jerry Mealey
"My interest in antique automobiles began when I was about 12 years old. My uncle promised me a vintage Model A Ford for my 16th birthday. He kept the car, given to him by his grandfather, in his garage. However, my father did not think it would be such a good idea as we had no place to keep it, and politely declined his offer.
I still remember the impression that car made and the possibility of possessing it had on a young boy.
Being a Docent at The William E. Swigart, Jr. Antique Automobile Museum, provides the opportunity to impart the rich history of the automobile and its impact on the world, to visitors of the museum, and impress upon them the role the automobile industry has played throughout our American history and the enduring legacy it will leave for generations to come."

* Jerry *

Docent Randy Fickes
"Growing up as a teenager in the late '60's, around all the great muscle cars, peaked my automobile interest. Seeing the cars we have on display at the museum and learning their history and stories is exciting. Being able to interact with car enthusiasts from all over the world, who come to visit our little piece of history, is very rewarding."

* Randy *

Docent Betty Boozel
"I had a great childhood. I was raised in a small town in central Pennsylvania. My family would ride around in our big old Ford. My mother drove and my uncle and I would ride together in the back seat. As we rode around, from stop to stop, store to store, Uncle would constantly ask me the make, model, and year of all the cars we would see. It was a game that he used to keep me entertained and quiet while mother ran her errands. That was the beginning of my love and understanding of the American car. So, when I look at the cars in our museum and speak with our customers, I reminisce about the great rides and the games I played with my uncle. I really miss those days, they are gone but not forgotten.
When I speak with our customers, I enjoy hearing how they learned to love the cars in their lives. It amazes me how many of the memories in our lives are based around our cars or our friend's cars. The things we do in cars are so varied, but yet the same from person to person. Picnics, vacations, shopping, and yes, the beginnings of a family, make the American automobile a treasure to remember."

* Betty *


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